A family history

Our history

The history of Olearia Desantis dates back to the 1950s when Giovanni Desantis started his production activity in the family oil mill.
60's 70's
The company began the olive oil packaging activity.
The company purchased its first industrial plant.
In 1987, thanks to the favour of the market, the company “Olearia Desantis S.p.A.” purchased a new technologically advanced plant to enhance the typical product of the South: Olive Oil.
Today “Olearia Desantis S.p.A.” covers an area of 20,000 m2, of which 6000 are covered, and confirms itself as one of the largest local companies in its sector and among the most significant at a national level.

Our Mission

From generation to generation, we select and offer genuine, quality products to the tables of Italians and beyond.

Passion for what we do


Every drop contains the heritage of ancient traditions and the fruit of meticulous care. The rich flavour and health benefits make it an unquestionable choice in the kitchen.


Extracted from the finest olives, testimony of uncontaminated nature and passion for tradition, guarantee of an authentic culinary experience.


Evo Olive oil is more than just a condiment. It’s a connection to our culinary roots, a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Production process

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a true treasure of nature, a precious elixir obtained from the extraction of olives.
This extraordinary vegetable Oil has been one of the pillars of Mediterranean cuisine for centuries and a symbol of quality, taste and well-being.

High quality

A high quality extra virgin olive oil is perfect as a seasoning for fish, meat and vegetables

Innovation, Clearness and Quality

Olearia Desantis is among the founders of the new trade association UNIFOL.
Unifol was born in the name of a modern market culture, where supply chain coordination and collaboration with producer organizations and trade associations are understood as a strategic asset aimed at consolidating consumer trust and the image of Extra Vergin Olive Oil in the world. The primary objectives of the association are the improvement of its quality and traceability standards monitored through an internal observatory and the expansion of its network of stakeholders to guarantee the best conditions for preserving the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the field to the consumers’ table, with training and qualification programs for suppliers and distributors.


Passion and commitment always pay off, for this reason, Olearia Desantis boasts of six certifications: BRC, ISO 14001, IFS, IGP, DOP and BIO

The BRC GS (Global food safety standard) is a global certification standard for the safety of agri-food products required by the Anglo-Saxon markets and currently adopted by more than 22,000 sites in more than 130 countries.
It is used to assess and ensure that food produced by large retailers complies with minimum food safety quality standards. It has the foundation in HACCP and standardizes the working environment and product and process controls.
ISO 14001, used worldwide, is the most recognized international standard for environmental management systems. It provides organisations with a framework through which they can proactively identify and understand the environmental aspects of their activities, products and services and associated environmental impacts so as to ensure compliance with applicable laws and thereby limit pollution and continuously improve its performance.
The IFS Food (International Food Standard) is an international product and process standard to assess a food manufacturer’s ability to produce safe, authentic and quality products in accordance with legal requirements and customer specifications. It supports companies in meeting the growing demands for market transparency and traceability and helps improve product integrity and increase efficiency. It is the reference standard for conducting audits of distributors' brand product suppliers.
The acronym PGI (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) focuses on production techniques and territorial constraints. The abbreviation identifies a product originating in a region and a country whose quality, reputation and characteristics can be traced back to its geographical origin and of which at least one stage of production, processing and processing takes place in the defined area.
The abbreviation PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) refers to a product originating in a region and a country whose qualities are exclusively linked to a geographical environment. The production process, processing and processing of the product must take place entirely in a clearly defined geographical area.
The organic certification, issued by a competent body, guarantees consumers that the olives used come from olive groves where only natural fertilizers are used.