How to keep the Evo Oil preserved

Extremely sensitive to heat, light and oxygen, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very delicate product. Therefore, in order to fully enjoy all its benefits, correct conservation is necessary.
High temperatures trigger rancidity processes which irreparably damage the oil. On the contrary, the cold causes the oil to solidify even if it does not affect chemical or organoleptic parameters unless the thermometer touches zero degrees. The optimal storage temperature for olive oil is between 12 and 18°C. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the Evo oil away from all possible heat sources that may be present in the kitchen. The ideal place for storing olive oil must therefore be cool, dry and possibly dark.

Light, either artificial or from the sun, alters the flavour and colour of the oil.

The perfect container for storing Evo Oil is the dark glass bottle. The high level of food hygiene safety of glass makes it an extremely suitable material for best preserving the chemical and qualitative characteristics of the Evo oil.
Furthermore, to avoid activating the oxidation processes of the Evo oil, you must take care to close the bottle or can immediately after use with hermetically sealed caps, so as to prevent access to oxygen as much as possible. Oxygen initiates oxidation processes which affect the quality and taste of the oil.

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